Harvey Gospel Chapel

We are a small, autonomous gathering of believers who meet together regularly according to the Scriptures for prayer, fellowship, breaking of bread, and Bible teaching.

We maintain a voluntary association with the Brethren movement, which is comprised of hundreds of similar meetings in North America and thousands world-wide.

Apart from our distinctives, which concern church order and ordinances, our doctrine is essentially the same as would be found in any conservative evangelical church that is dispensational (takes prophecy literally) and not Calvinistic (Reformed).

While we do desire to grow, we are uncomfortable with the modern obsession with numbers and the modern methodologies for chasing numbers. We believe that faithfulness to the Bible is more important than numbers or apparent success.

Two brothers handle the bulk of the ministry. Lewellyn Tewksbury has a strong emphasis on evangelism and discipleship. He ran a Bible camp for forty years and saw numerous teens converted, many of whom are now in Christian service. Lee Brainard has spent decades studying doctrine, the Bible languages, and prophecy and has written several books. Both are diligent students of the Bible and widely read in evangelical literature.

There is a nursery available for families with small children. We serve coffee, tea, and refreshments during our half-hour fellowship time between the two morning meetings.

Born-again Christians who are not living impenitent in sin are welcome to fellowship with us at the Lord’s Table. We remember the Lord every Sunday morning from 9:30 am to 10:30 am.

Our ministry meeting runs from 11:00 am to 12:00 noon. We employ both expositional and topical ministry.